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Design: tailored IT blueprints that guarantee success

For your IT goals to become reality, design and planning is a critical step in achieving success.

The professional service consultants at IT Mission will guide you through a broad spectrum assessment in planning world-class IT structure, regardless of size or scale of project.

We’ll work with you to analyze how to cost effectively leverage and manage your IT to gain and hold your industry leadership.

Our flexability and vast array of knowledge ensures that delivery value is planned from the very start.

Regardless of the platform chosen, our experts will provide strategies for best practices, accurately projecting budgets and levels of effort required.

We can adeptly uncover issues and holes in your current technology that need resolving. We’ll strategically identify where your company needs to invest in infrastructure and outline how you can best prepare for new technologies, while adhering to regulatory-driven compliances.

IT Mission can play as big or as little a role in the design and implementation phase as you determine.

Our highly trained team of IT service consultants can lead your design from start to finish, or simply free up the valuable time of your own internal IT staff, where help is needed.

At the close of the design process, you’re ready to move forward with detailed plans, a thorough methodology and a clear road map for successful development.

IT Mission Critical:

  • Enterprise Architecture Design
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Design
  • Server Consolidation Solutions
  • Expanded Storage Solutions
  • Enterprise Security and Design
  • Server, Storage and Application Virtualization